Author ratings boost conversion rates

Have you ever been active on Classified Ad Websites?

And when you finally found that item that you were looking for, did you ever take a look at the author ratings?

Add trust to your website

Author ratings can be an indication of trust. Would you ever consider buying a product of a vendor who has bad reviews under his name? I don’t!

Many marketplaces use Author Ratings to indicate whether the vendor can be trusted. Marketplaces do this to protect buyers, but also to get rid of bad sellers.

If you’re a marketplace owner, you wouldn’t like bad sellers that ruin your reputation, no?

Ratings of authors can be compared with customer reviews on products, the only difference is that the author (or seller) is rated instead of the article itself.

The reason is obvious, in a marketplace it’s hard to gather product reviews, because most of the time the seller only has 1 item to sell, and the listing is only live for a certain period.

The author on the other hand will remain active on the platform selling other goods.

So instead of rating his products, marketplaces add the possibility to review the seller. As a reviewer you should keep these things in mind:

– did the seller respond to any of my questions?
– did he respond fast?
– was he clear about terms and conditions?
– did he actually deliver the item? ?
– …

These reviews play an integral role in customer engagement, promoting trust and loyalty, which will result in increased conversions.

A lot of marketplaces use some kind of “Rate Authors” module to show potential buyers if a seller is reliable. Here are some examples:

Statistics on Conversion rates influenced by reviews

Of course, the effect of reviews may vary from product to product and especially the market you’re in, but in general we see that user and product reviews have a positive impact on conversion rates, and that people actually look at reviews before they make their buying decision.

Here are some interesting results published by several leading players in the industry:

  • A Nielsen report shows that 70% of online consumers trust user reviews posted by others
  • BazaarVoice noticed that 80% of user reviews are positive
  • ComScore even noticed positive influence on offline sales as well: 24% of the buyers use online reviews for offline purchases
  • 79% of UK’s online retailers notice a positive effect on online sales after adding ratings and reviews

These number speak for themselves. It’s like online word-of-mouth… When people love your product and write about it, they will influence other people that are looking for the same thing.

But beware, this works in 2 directions. Negative reviews will probably have a negative impact on conversion rates.

Then it’s up to you to understand why these negative reviews are coming in and improve your product or service :)

Rate authors plugin for ClassiPress

wpRabbits developed a custom Rate Authors plugin for ClassiPress. Authors can be rated by buyers, and an overall score is calculated.

The plugin is easy to install & configure. Just upload the .zip file to your plugins folder, activate it and go to the settings page. Here you can configure basic things like “Moderation of ratings”, “Author replies”, “Disclaimer settings”.

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