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8 popular business models for Classified Ad websites

In this post we will take a look at several popular business models to monetize a classified ads or directory site. We’ll take a look at how the business model works, but also look at the benef... / Read more

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New childtheme launched, other one on its way

In our last post we talked about our road to customer success, and since that last post we made another step towards that customer success. First of all, we launched our latest ClassiPress childthe... / Read more

our road tocustomer success

Our road to customer success

Since a couple of years our marketplace for ClassiPress plugins and child themes is the one-stop-shop for anything related to your ClassiPress website. We developed a lot of plugins and child themes, ... / Read more

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Should your classified ad site target C2C, B2C or B2B?

Classified ad websites started out as a C2C channel where consumers sold second handed goods, but this evolved pretty fast as retailers started to explore that channel. It wasn’t for long that (loc... / Read more

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How to design a ClassiPress Childtheme

Here at wpRabbits we try to take the design of ClassiPress to the next level. For 6 years now, we’re doing cool stuff with the classified ad platform for WordPress, and more cool stuff is coming up in... / Read more


Showcase: Real Iberica de Monteros

People are doing great stuff with ClassiPress, and we're proud that a lot of those projects are made with our plugins or childthemes. To show you the full potential of ClassiPress we're starting th... / Read more


Author ratings boost conversion rates

Have you ever been active on Classified Ad Websites? And when you finally found that item that you were looking for, did you ever take a look at the author ratings? Add trust to your website Auth... / Read more


Something weird happening in Analytics

Almost any website has some kind of analytics tool installed, but I’ve see a lot of people who take this data for granted, and trust what they are seeing in their reports. Well, the numbers display... / Read more