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Should your classified ad site target C2C, B2C or B2B?

Classified ad websites started out as a C2C channel where consumers sold second handed goods, but this evolved pretty fast as retailers started to explore that channel.

It wasn’t for long that (local) shops or online stores started posting their articles on sites that initially only featured consumer to consumer ads.


Starting a classified ad website that focusses on consumer to consumer ads will have a hard time these days as the market is flooded with local, regional, national and international websites.

Even if you are going to build a niche website you’ll have a hard time finding one that isn’t already doing the job.

Niches you don’t want to go after if you’re thinking about a c2c website (for various reasons):

– cars
– real estate
– music instruments
– antiques
– jewelry

Niches where we still see some room for c2c websites:

– clothes
– meals (like https://www.mealsharing.com/ )
– services

These are just some ideas, it all depends on your local situation, competitors, market, etc.

If you do decide to focus on a niche & c2c based classified ad website, it’s a major bonus to be an active player in that niche. We refer to the Real Iberica de Monteros case which is a niche site that focusses on hunting in Spain.

By focusing on a niche, and being active in the hunting community, the site is generating over 35K a year just by selling memberships and banner space.


In the early days of classified ad sites, businesses were getting exposure for free, and the site owners were seeing exactly how many views their listings got, so

It wasn’t for long after businesses started to discover classified ad sites that the owners of those could monetize their site in a whole new way.

Possibilities arose and new business models were applied.

Now there are a lot of possibilities for businesses to reach consumers through these sites. Popular monetization techniques for b2c classifieds are:

– Memberships which allow to publish classifieds
– Pay per listing or ad packs
– Banner ads on relevant categories
– Direct sale (selling through the classified platform, platform gets a fee on the sale)


Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the tech generation, and the ability to design and build a classified site using open source platforms like WordPress or Drupal the B2B marketplaces exploded the last couple of years.

For every business you can imagine, there is a B2B directory for it.

The reason is obvious. Businesses have money to spend, especially in a B2B environment where acquiring new clients can cost some serious money.

The platforms use all online marketing techniques available to get businesses in touch with other businesses, and play an active role in social networks. For a lot of businesses it really pays off to be listed on a B2B directory.

The cool thing is that they can actually show the effect of being listed on the directory in forms of traffic, demo or even quote requests. The popular monetization techniques here are:

– pay per view
– pay per click to website
– pay per lead (quote or demo request)

Famous examples are the software directories Capterra and GetApp, but other industries have there directories as well.

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  1. Keith Gozon April 7, 2015 at 5:41 am #

    In the Philippines, I’ve recently launched b2bads.net as a B2B focused classified ads.

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