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Product Description:

“clasifichados” is a fully responsive ClassiPress childtheme with a nice vintage look & feel. The childtheme is one of a kind with the newspaper classified design, responsiveness and SEO-optimized code.

The childtheme comes with an admin panel in the WordPress backend where you can configure the theme settings.

Because of the responsiveness of the theme, it’s compatible with any mobile device, giving your visitors the best user-experience possible. Try it yourself on the theme’s demo.


This childtheme requires ClassiPress as the parent theme to work properly. You can purchase ClassiPress theme here »


– Vintage newspaper look & feel.
– Responsive ClassiPress childtheme.
– Infinite scroll (ads will load when at bottom of the page).
– Featured Ads more relevant.
– Improved blog posts list (archive, categories and tags) for better looking.
… and some more coming in next releases and updates.

Todo list for coming updates:

– Sort ads under archives.

Place your own ideas in Product Comments (“Reviews” tab) for features you like to be added so we can study every case and elaborate it further with you.

Current Version:



Classipress 3.5.7 – CERTIFIED


1. Always make a full backup of your site.
2. Upload the childtheme to your themes folder.
3. Activate the childtheme.
4. Go to your “ClassiPress/Settings” and under “Advanced” tab check “Disable Core Stylesheets” to “YES”.
5. Set the sidebars or rearrange them the way you need.

– For sites with previously published Ads you’ll need to regenerate your thumbnails. To achieve this, simply use Regenerate Thumbnails free plugin.


v1.0 – March 11th, 2015. Initial Release.
v2.0 – April 16th, 2016. ClassiPress 3.5.4 compatible.
v2.1 – June 23rd, 2016. ClassiPress 3.5.5 compatible.
v2.2 – July 10th, 2016. ClassiPress 3.5.7 compatible.

9 ratings

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner) #14474

    Hi, great theme. When will this theme be updated to latest version?

    • rubencio


      Hello pcemail,

      The childtheme have been just updated so it is comoatible now with latest ClassiPress 3.5.4 version.


  2. #14557

    Looks very interesting, but does it work with WP 4.4.2 ?

    • rubencio


      Hello Daniel,

      The childtheme have been just updated so it is compatible now with latest ClassiPress 3.5.4 + WordPress 4.5 versions.


  3. #14773

    Just wondering when the new release for 3.5.3 will ready. Cheers.

    • rubencio


      Hello Tim,

      The childtheme have been updated so now it is fully compatible with latest ClassiPress 3.5.4 + WordPress 4.5 versions.


  4. 5 out of 5


    Congrats for creating such a unique and beautiful theme.

    Got one question, I realize the images for the ads (featured image) do not show on responsive sizes, even on small tablet sizes. Are you planning to add this feature on upcoming versions or will it be always like this?

    Cause, for users who first get to the site via phones they don`t see any images but just text.


    • rubencio


      Hello Ozgur,

      I planned to have quite the same as a real printed old school newspaper under the classifieds section so that’s why I only show the images on the desktop version and hide them in any mobile device. Yes, in future version I’m planning to include a setting where site administrators can decide if show or not the images in mobile devices.

      Also planning to include a sidebar on homepage and ad archives.

      Best regards!

  5. 5 out of 5


    I have bought this child theme and love the look of it.
    1. Wish I could do more in the header section
    2. Wish I could put some google adsense ads up (no space available)
    3. The ‘load image from device’ is a problem if someone used an ipad as the image size from a photo is too great to be loaded – how do we get round this?
    4. Sometimes the front page appears ‘scrambled’ with blocks overlapping each other.
    Hope to get this sorted as the front page does look very nice.

    • rubencio


      Hello Martyn,

      I’ll reply in the same order as per your questions:

      1. Not sure what exactly are you talking about (maybe I’m already answering in next question).
      2. I kept the design simple but if you want this including the original ClassiPress advertise section I can custom made this for you at my best price.
      3. Not really sure what is the point here since the images are all optimized for the space containing them. Have you ran the “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin as per the childtheme installation guide? If so the images should be loading perfectly fine under normal conditions. Have you checked my demo site? Is it having the same issue on your side?
      4. It seems you are still loading some styles from ClassiPress main theme + almost all your ads are “featured”… do you mind to follow the installation guide point 4? Go to your “ClassiPress/Settings” and under “Advanced” tab check “Disable Core Stylesheets” to “YES”.

      If this don’t fix the issues please open a ticket.

      Best regards!

  6. 5 out of 5


    I should not have posted a question (above) in this review section.

    Response to my question on here and the support page was quick and helpful. A good recommendation for this programmer.

    • rubencio


      Thanks a lot because of your nice words!

  7. 5 out of 5


    Just bought the theme, I love the old newspaper style idea. Everything works peachy. Cool!

    • rubencio


      Hello Paolo,

      Thanks a lot for your nice words.


  8. #16596

    Hey, great design,

    I note a couple of bugs, are these to be ironed out soon?

    – Vertical Tablet layout: Search Ads, category dropdown box not aligning left with upper free text search field
    – Search Ads dropdown not showing category once selected
    – Safari Browser: Mobile View, navigation style not styled (eg. it is blue)


  9. #16597

    Also, is there any update on the option to turn on image in the mobile view if desired? Cheers

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