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“ClassiECO” Childtheme Developer Edition

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Product Description:

Sorry, we don´t provide support to this product anymore.

“ClassiECO” Childtheme Developer Edition for Classipress

We are updating our live demo, so please come back later to check it out.


– Nice and fresh look and feel
– Improved featured carousel.
– Dynamic directory show/hide feature.
– Dynamic and smooth subcategory dropdown.
– Grid/List
– Advanced Search Plugin integration ready. (Include plugin styles, but not the plugin itself)
– Featured Slider on category pages.
– Sort Ads by date and price in category pages.

Current Version:



Classipress 3.3.X


1. Upload the childtheme to your themes folder
2. Activate the childtheme
3. Go to your “ClassiPress/Settings” and under “Advanced” tab select “Disable Core Stylesheets” to “YES”


Release 1.1 (April 18, 2013)
– Bugfix: Grid/List not working in search and category pages
– Bugfix: Cross icon (+) does not work correctly on hover in the categories Directory
– Bugfix: Problems in the top-header login form after registration
– Bugfix: Pagination conflict with sort options
– Bugfix: Minor CSS fixes

19 ratings

  1. (verified owner) #2903

    I’m having issues with the language, maps not working and other stuff. I need support.

  2. (verified owner) #2926

    I’m getting support! Thank you!

  3. rubencio


    Excellent to hear ;)

  4. (verified owner) #3229

    You planned a responsive ClassiEco theme?

  5. rubencio



    Sorry, not at this moment… we better work on making our “ClassiPress Mobile” plugin looks similar to our childthemes in order to have both, the desktop and mobile versions looks the same. So basically we are not planning to built our childthemes responsive but prepare new themes for our mobile plugin –>

    Regards ;)

  6. #4655

    Hi there, do you plan to make this compatible with Classipress 3.3? As soon as this is compatible with Classipress 3.3, I will wait in the queue to purchase it. Thanks !

  7. (verified owner) #5098

    I bought this theme and I absolutely love it. My theme looks professional and works like a charm.. Great work WPRabbits.. Just what I was looking for!

  8. (verified owner) #5374

    “Sale” for this theme in the near future…? ;)

  9. #5633

    The expand/collapse category list on the homepage does not work the same in Internet Explorer as it does on other browsers. If you click on the main category, it expands and then goes straight to the main category before anyone has has a chance to see or click on the sub categories. Can you fix this please.

    • rubencio


      Hello peachpost, Do you mind to clarify the browser (exact version included) you are using when facing the issue? Thanks in advanced!

  10. #5662

    If you use your demo as an example and open it up in IE7 and IE8, you can see what is happening. I don’t have IE 9 or 10 to test. Maybe someone else can do that, unless you have those too.

  11. (verified owner) #6862

    How can I translate this childtheme?

    • #6863


      The childtheme should use the classipress language your classipress theme translated?

  12. (verified owner) #6921

    Yes, I’ve generated a *.po/.mo files for my language.
    Begin to translate, but nothing changes!

    • #6929

      ok, then please contact with our support team

  13. (verified owner) #7858

    The advanced search plugin comes along with this theme?
    Have configuration options in admin to change the colors for example?

    • #7859

      Hello Rafael

      No, the plugin includes all the styles to be integrated with the theme but has to be purchased separately.


  14. (verified owner) #7860

    has support for other languages​​?

    • #7863

      Yes, support the same languages as classipress

  15. (verified owner) #7861

    Is responsivo ??

    • #7862

      No, out clients are using the mobile plugin ;)

  16. #10471

    Hi there.. When will the demo site to be up? Thanks!

    • rubencio


      Hi Silver,
      Demo sites will be available soon. Sorry the inconvenience!!
      Best regards.

  17. #10654

    how easy is it to change the color schemes? Can colors be changed in the cpanel?

    • rubencio



      You’ll need to tweak the childtheme stylesheet so CSS knowledge needed.

      Best regards!

  18. (verified owner) #11564

    Live Demo link not working

    • rubencio


      Hello Srinu,

      We are working in order to fix this ASAP.
      Sorry the inconvenience.


  19. 5 out of 5


    Translatable from Portuguese Brazil ?

    • rubencio


      Hi Pablo,

      Translation depends on ClassiPress so basically the childtheme it is translatable to all languages.

      You can actually see all language packs available here.

      Best regards!

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