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Product Description:

Give your Classipress the power of Rating and Feedback with our Classipress Rate Authors PRO plugin! What a great way to increase community interaction and give buyers that extra bit of confidence when buying items on your site! This plugin works just like Amazon and Ebay… some of the biggest sites in the world!


– Super easy installation and no core file edits required!
– All fields and settings are fully customizable in the Rate Authors Plugin Site Admin Page.
– Email notifications to Admin on new Feedback posting when Moderation is turned ON.
– User IP Logging to help avoid SPAM.
– Allow users and authors to edit their Feedback with timers set by Admin.
– Author Rating information visible on Single Ad Page, Author Page and User Dashboard.
– Admins can edit and delete Feedback directly from the back-end Moderation Reports.
… and much more!

Todo list for coming updates:

Place your own ideas in Product Comments (“Reviews” tab) for features you like to be added so we can study every case and elaborate it further with you.

Current Version:



Classipress 3.5.1 – CERTIFIED
Classipress 3.4.X – CERTIFIED
Classipress 3.3.X – CERTIFIED


To install this Plugin, use the built-in WordPress plugin installer:

1. Always make a full backup of your site.
2. Go to Plugins > Add New.
3. Click Add New.
4. Click Upload.
5. Find the zip file you downloaded with your purchase.
6. Click Install Now to install the WordPress Plugin.
7. The resulting installation screen will list the installation as successful or note any problems during the install.
8. If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it.



v3.0 – Based on original. Initial Release.
v4.0 – November 24th, 2015:
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where the User Ratings would not show in the User Dashboard.
– Fixed a bug where users were allowed to edit their own feedback even if the Moderation Function was turned on.
– Fixed a bug in the Moderations Settings page that caused Bulk Approve to not function correctly.
– Fixed several CSS bugs that caused the Ratings Table to look distorted.
– Refined all PNG image files to HD, including the yellow stars.
– Refined several core function to allow for quicker loading of the plugin.
– Added a New Legend Table which displays all ratings by percentage in table format (Same as Amazon).
– Added the option to turn the Legend Table feature on/off in the Admin Setting page.
– Added the ability for users to change the text in the new Legend Table.
– Added support for WordPress Multi Site.
– Added Bootstrap toggle switches to the Admin page to make turning on and off features bit easier.
– Added the ability to change the date format of posts via the admin settings.
– Added the ability to sort and filter ratings on the Author Page.
– Added TinyMCE to the Rules setting to make it easier to make changes.

14 ratings

  1. #10463

    We recently purchased and activated your Classipress Rate Author Pro plugin and everything seems to work, except that the feedback doesn’t appear in the “Moderate” list under the CP Rate Author menu.

    If moderation is turned on, the feedback is nowhere to be be found. With moderation off, the feedback appears in the front-facing author profile. In addition, the feedback count is correct on the bottom of the Moderation page, so it appears that the feedback is being written to the DB.

    Most recent versions of Classipress and plugin installed. NOTE: this is running on a multi-site (again, core and MS files up to date).

    Any guidance wold be very much appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    • TheSanerOne

      (verified owner) #10473

      Hi Rob,

      Can you send us the URL to your site? Also, if you have a development site you can give us admin access to that would be great.

      Please send details to support (@) wprabbits.com



  2. #10615


    Will this plugin be compatible with PinterClass childtheme?


  3. #10724

    I purchased original version like month ago. could you please give me discount on pro version?

    • rubencio


      Hi balocik,
      Use our Contact Page to make your request so we can create a unique coupon for you.
      Best regards!!

  4. #11503


    I your plugin is ok, but its not comfortable to write a review at the listing owner page, because its a little bit hide from the users focus.

    Please make it possible to place a button/link or a popup with “write a review” just from the listing detail page.
    With that feature your plugin would be nearly perfect.

    Do your plugin also create a rich snippet review for google?


    • #11505

      Hi Andreas,

      thanks for the feedback. We will definitely take this into account and take a look at the feature you would like. We’ll keep you posted.

  5. (verified owner) #11687

    Hello, the plugin can only assess whether the author has ads, need to change to assess without the author has posted something would?

  6. (verified owner) #11734

    installation ok but sorry i do not understand how does it woks
    how to rate an author ? i do not use comment in my website

  7. (verified owner) #11756

    i recently purchased and activated your Classipress Rate Author Pro plugin but i have this error:
    Warning: Missing argument 2 for cp_rate_users(), called in /home/godeyez/public_html/ledepanneur.be/wp-content/themes/simply-responsive-cp/author.php on line 48 and defined in /home/godeyez/public_html/ledepanneur.be/wp-content/plugins/cprate-plugin/cprate-core.php on line 538

    • rubencio


      This request it’s being handled via our ticket system.

  8. 5 out of 5


    is it compatible with other classipress child themes? like eclassify? thanks

    • rubencio


      Sorry, This plugin only support ClassiPress.

  9. (verified owner) #13291

    I have ClassiPress 3.5. The plugin will work?

    • rubencio


      Hello, As you can see in “compatibility” section, under “Compatibility & Installation” tab, the plugin it is compatible up to ClassiPress 3.4.X version. Yes we are working on the update but no ETA yet. Regards!

  10. (verified owner) #13327

    Hi Rubencio! OK! I want to buy the PRO version. But first I need to know if I have the right of no cost to ClassiPress 3.5 version and an “idea” when you have version 3.5 ready.



    • rubencio


      Hi Claudio,

      We’ve been testing the actual version during the last week and it is already compatible with latest ClassiPress 3.5.1 version so we will be updating the product page within a couple of days in order to clarify this.

      Concerning the updates yes, you can download updates for any product you purchase on the store during 365 days after purchase made.

      Best regards!

  11. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner) #13694

    Great plugin, great support. 5 stars. Thank you!

  12. 1 out of 5


    Purchase the plugin 2 month ago “the latest version” I was unable to install it. never receive an answer from the support site 8 weeks of waiting…

    when trying to activate it I have always this error:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in D:\inetpub\apps_site\3389\occasions\wordpress-4.2.2\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\cprate-plugin\admin\cprate-admin.php on line 781

    on a clean install with the classipress 3.4.1 and WordPress 4.4.2

    Maybe i miss something, I tried three times on 3 differents install of WordPress with the same result,

    the problem may come from my server but i cannot say nobody answer my questions on the support site.

    I give one star because of the bad support…

  13. 3 out of 5


    To get this plugin to work, I modified the code in the instructions and added on lines 43 and 44 to author.php file. The modified code is below:

    ID, $hide->false); } ?>

    Hope this helps!

    • rubencio


      Hello Bob,

      Didn’t noted this message since went to spam (Akismet fails sometimes)… Thanks a lot for pointing us about this fix.


  14. 1 out of 5


    i was very happy that I have found your plugin, I ordered directly.
    But after the installation and activation I become an error.
    I have found the errors (33 counts) in the script “cprate-admin.php” and replace “?>>” to “?> >”. I can activated the plugin and wordpress give me true result, but in the list the plugin was “deactived”, I can do this any time more, with the same result.

    I use ClasiPress Theme in version 3.5.7 (sorry, the last version).
    My ticket was 7 days old, sorry, but please help me and create a plugin “certifed” version for the last version of classipress theme.

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