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Product Description:

Check out “greenbit”, a ClassiPress childtheme based on the famous marketplace website “Fiverr”.

“Fiverr” is the world’s largest marketplace for micro jobs, starting at $5. With over 1.5 million different services it’s still the best and most popular micro-job marketplace on the web.

You can now easily give your ClassiPress website the same look and feel. With it’s intuitive interface it will definitely increase your conversion rate!

The childtheme comes with an admin panel in the WordPress backend where you can configure the theme settings (see screenshot above).

Because of the responsiveness of the theme, it’s compatible with any mobile device, giving your visitors the best user-experience possible. Try it yourself on the theme’s demo.


This childtheme requires ClassiPress as the parent theme to work properly. You can purchase ClassiPress theme here »


– Responsive ClassiPress childtheme.
– Fresh renovated look and feel.
– Revolution Slider plugin integrated.
– Grid/list switcher.
– Latest blog posts integrated in home.
– Login and Register pages with extra custom sidebars.
– Improved blog posts list (archive, categories & tags) for better look.
… and some more coming in next releases and updates.

Todo list for coming updates:

– Sort ads under archives.

Place your own ideas in Product Comments (“Reviews” tab) for features you like to be added so we can study every case and elaborate it further with you.

Current Version:



Classipress 3.5.7 – CERTIFIED


1. Always make a full backup of your site.
2. Upload the childtheme to your themes folder.
3. Activate the childtheme.
4. This childtheme requires “Revolution Slider” (included) plugin for better appearance so you just need to accept the installation as soon as you finish activating the childtheme. There is a sample slider provided with the childtheme under “greenbit/examples/” to show the basic functions of the slider so you just need to import it.
5. Go to your “ClassiPress/Settings” and under “Advanced” tab check “Turn off all styles (advanced users only)”.
6. Set the sidebars or rearrange them the way you need.

– For sites with previously published Ads you’ll need to regenerate your thumbnails. To achieve this, simply use Regenerate Thumbnails free plugin.


v1.0 – September 19th, 2015. Initial release.
v1.1 – October 8th, 2015. Bugs fixed.
v1.1.1 – November 1st, 2015. Bugs fixed + latest “Revolution Slider” plugin.
v1.1.2 – November 16th, 2015. Bugs fixed + latest “Revolution Slider” plugin.
v1.2 – November 23rd, 2015. Improvements.
v1.2.1 – December 4th, 2015. Bugs fixed + latest “Revolution Slider” plugin.
v1.2.2 – December 15th, 2015. ClassiPress 3.5.2 compatible.
v1.2.3 – December 17th, 2015. Bugs fixed + latest “Revolution Slider” plugin.
v1.2.4 – February 15th, 2016. ClassiPress 3.5.3 compatible + latest “Revolution Slider” plugin.
v1.2.5 – March 28th, 2016. Bugs fixed + ClassiPress 3.5.4 compatible + latest “Revolution Slider” plugin.
v1.2.6 – August 8th, 2016. Bugs fixed + ClassiPress 3.5.7 compatible + latest “Revolution Slider” plugin.

14 ratings

  1. #13161

    Are we able to change or modify the theme colors ? Instead of green may be orange or blue?

    • rubencio


      Hello Chuck,

      At the moment there is no setting in the back to cover such function. However you can edit the CSS and replace the green color for the one you want within 2-3 minutes. To do so you just need to search/replace the hexadecimal green (#00b12d) for whatever color you need.

      For hexadecimal colors you can use this online tool.

      In order to edit your styles you can use one of this apps.

      Best regards!

  2. #13250

    This is a gorgeous theme. Congratulations! Any estimate timeframe for when you will implement this feature:

    Include the ClassiPress native featured ads slider selectable (show or not) from “wpRabbits childtheme Settings”.

    • rubencio


      Hi, We are working in the update of “clasifichados” and “cutest” childthemes in order to make both compatible with latest ClassiPress 3.5.1 version, so I think after that we can work on including this feature as part of the childtheme. I estimate will be in about 3-4 weeks. Best regards!

  3. 5 out of 5


    That sounds great rubencio! Any coupon code we can use?

    • rubencio


      The theme already have a discount (from $34 to $29 for limited time) so maybe you want to purchase it asap ;)

  4. #14235

    i want to buy this childtheme, but I have some questions
    1. Is it possible, something like “Featured Listings”, you can display in slider the products for only category? or know any plugin compatible with this request?
    2. i want to know if the filtering products sidebar can add custom fields created on my website?
    thank you

    • rubencio


      Hello visualtech,

      Thanks for your interest in our products!

      Sorry, the “Featured Listings” feature it is not possible with this childtheme as it is at the moment. However we can code this just for you and whatever other requirement you have for your project.

      The filtering sidebar it is very flexible so you can basically add whatever custom field you have created for your specific ads (size, color, brand, model, price, province, city,,, etc)

      Best regards!

  5. #14995

    Very nice child theme, i would like to purchase and have three questions
    1. Can I remove the price slider and precise checkbox from Refine Results sidebar? also prefer it on the right and assume that can be changed as well

    2. On the listing results can i change the category and the price icon to display City. State, Country only?

    3. Is start rating available for comments, as well as the ability to display the aggregate start count on the display listing page?


    • rubencio


      Hello Jason,

      Replies in the same order as per your questions:

      1. Advanced Search it is fully configurable via the ClassiPress Settings
      2. Sure, you can do that by tweaking the code (not as part of the support scope) so we can give you a price to achieve this.
      3. No star rating available on comments but you maybe find this plugin helpful

      Best regards!

  6. #15802

    Great child-theme.

    Can I edit the home page if i wanted to add other elements like text and images?


    • rubencio


      Hello Richard,

      Sure, you can edit the home page via the “tpl-ads-home.php” template. Note you’ll need PHP + CSS skills to do so.

      Best regards!

  7. #15848

    Hello…. great theme,
    Getting ready to purchase but i have questions:
    is it possible to add country to quick search, on the greenbit demo there are categories drop down and ‘what are you looking for text box’ but would love to have a drop down for country as well.

    the space for the logo seems only adequate for a very small logo would it be possible to easily move over the menu to allow for more room.

    Thank you

    • rubencio


      Hello Jeff,

      Sorry no, in order to add countries as a dropdown in search bar that will require some custom code.

      If your logo it is wider the menu elements will move automatically to the right… please note that in that case you can’t have that many elements on the menu so maybe better to integrate them as submenus.

      Best regards,

  8. #15908

    Hello Rubencio,

    I have purchased your theme and making good progress with custimization however there are a few items of note.

    1. I am unable to resize the header, i tried adjusting CSS for header background (.header_main_bg changed padding from 25px to 15px however it does not adjust and goes back to 25px, also tried to adjust height but nothing works…does it inherit the height from some other source?)

    2. Recapcha on contact poster is out of alignment

    • rubencio


      Hello webguy,

      Sorry for the late response since I’ve been handling with holidays and updating the childtheme.

      The recaptcha on contact poster form it is already solved in 1.2.6 version.

      Concerning your first request I don’t get exactly what you need… do you mind sending me a mockup or add me to skype so you can explain me further via chat.

      Best regards,

  9. #15929

    Hi, thanks for your reply…what is your skype name. or i will go ahead and send mine in your contact us form. Thanks

    • rubencio


      Hello webguy,

      I’ve just sent you my Skype ID in a private email.


  10. (verified owner) #16085

    Hello Rubencio,

    I’m in the process of customizing the theme and the categories dropdown is not working. It is out of alignment and does not open when viewing from a mobile.

    I created a new WordPress installation with only classipress and Greenbit (no customizations) and the problem still persists.

    Do you have skype or another tool we can chat in?


    • rubencio


      Hello Kareem,

      Strange! Can I have a link to check this?

      Best regards!

  11. #16146

    Hi, great theme. How can i remove the total count on home page

    25 Total Published Ads

    I just want to remove the total count number i.e ’25’. I plan to change the label to ‘newly listed’ when the site is new i think the count number it is a deterrent for new ad posters

    Thank you

    • rubencio


      Hello Patrick,

      Sorry this comment went to the spam comments via akismet :(
      Have you found the way to handle this?

      Best regards!

  12. #16218


    I have a few pre sales questions:

    1/ is there a way to insert a logo instead of the label, of the website (instead of greenbit in your demo)?
    2/ is there a way to have only one image instead of a slider?
    3/ do we have choice for color theme? To eventually change block color on the top or green color?
    4/ are we able to replace published ads grid on home page by categories (with images)

    thankes a lot

    • rubencio


      Hello pachakuti,

      As per your questions:

      1. Sure, you can do both: upload your own logo or use the site title. In case of a logo better if you do it in “png” format with transparent background.
      2. The main slider it is basically “slider revolution” plugin so yes, that’s pretty flexible so you can have one static image there.
      3. Sorry no. But you can do that easily yourself by replacing the green color for the one you choose editing the stylesheet. It is a 2 minutes job.
      4. I don’t get what you mean here. If you want to show only ads that belong to a particular category or categories then sure, you can do so by changing the query.

      Best regards!

  13. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner) #16417

    Hello Rubencio,
    I’m in the process of customizing the theme and the categories is not working. It is out of alignment I created a new WordPress installation with only classipress and Greenbit (no customizations) and the problem still persists. ? Thanks,

    • rubencio


      Hello gerrit,

      I’ve checked your category pages and seems to me it is working perfect. See this –>

      Maybe you mean something different so please clarify this.

      Best regards!

  14. #17177

    The theme looks great.

    I am wondering how customizable the homepage layout is. Underneath the slider, I would just like a simple list of categories like you can have on the plain classipress parent theme. That’s all I want for the homepage.

    Is this easy to do?

    • rubencio


      Hello Robert,

      Sure! This is something you can easily do by modifying the template and adding a simple function on the PHP code. After you purchase the item we can help you further in the support forum.

      Best regards!

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