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Childtheme PinterClass

PinterClass childtheme for ClassiPress 3.3

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Product Description:

Sorry, we don´t provide support to this product anymore.

Pinterclass childtheme for classipress

We are proud to announce the release of “PinterClass”, our Pinterest clone theme for WordPress based in ClassiPress.

Just like the popular social network, we’ve included the infinite scroll on home, category, archive & search result pages.

Instead of a list, the theme is based on a grid scheme, shows bigger images on the archive pages compared to the basic CP theme and an improved gallery on ad detail pages.


– A Pinterest like theme
– Fresh, elegant look and feel
– Extra menu on top for better handling the website
– Login/Register switching to Search Bar area –> more user friendly
– Custom WordPress default avatar
– Even bigger images
– Grid scheme
– Infinite scroll on home, archive, category/tags, search results and author pages
– Featured Ads in different color (yellow)
– Sorting system on category pages (price lowest/highest + published newest/oldest)
– Improved gallery on ad details pages
– Bigger map on Ad details pages
– Improved advance image on “Post an Ad” templates
– Improved blog posts list for better looking
– Improved blog posts details
…and some more coming in next releases and updates.

Current Version:



Classipress 3.3.X


1. Upload the childtheme to your themes folder
2. Activate the childtheme
3. Go to your “ClassiPress/Settings” and under “Advanced” tab check “Disable Core Stylesheets” to “Yes”
4. Set the sidebars or rearrange them the way you need
– For sites with previously published Ads you’ll need to regenerate your thumbnails. To achieve this simply use Regenerate Thumbnails free plugin.

30 ratings

  1. (verified owner) #4869

    Good theme. I will buy soon if there is a discount. I already bought Ananter.

    • rubencio


      Sorry, there are no discounts on this theme at this moment.

  2. (verified owner) #5129

    Do you intend to make the theme Responsive?


    • rubencio


      Hi supercwis,
      Sorry for the late response… yes, we plan to upgrade all our themes one by one starting next month in order to make them responsive.
      Best regards!

  3. (verified owner) #5477

    This theme is not showing at 100% OK in my tablet.
    Is it possible to make it responsive?

    • rubencio


      Hi milenium,
      Sorry for the delayed response… Yes, we plan to make this and all our themes responsive.
      Best regards!

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner) #5943

    The loading more ads is not working any suggestions.

  5. #6296

    can i disable auto load at the bottom?

    • #6297

      Hello boldidear

      This autoload handle the pagination ;)


  6. #6298

    can i make this auto load as manual (as button)?

    • #6299

      Of course, when you purchase the theme you get the source code so you can customize it if you have the skills. Note that there is no any specific option in the backend to customize that, you will need to do by code

  7. (verified owner) #6677

    My search bar does not appear with the same style as the demo. Mine appears without any style, and from the source I can see yours has a different dropdown, class and styles. Any tips on how to fix this?

    • #6678

      Hello aeroman

      Can you please try enabling selectbox js library in your classipress advanced settings?

      If that does not fix the problem, please contact to the support email you will find in your order receipt


  8. (verified owner) #6679

    Thanks Alucas! That worked perfectly. Might want to add that to the installation steps. Thanks again.

    • #6680

      Hi Aeroman

      Yes, but that’s a classipress setting you can turn on or not. Anyway, I’ll add a note to the installation steps ;)


  9. (verified owner) #7112

    Can i choose also other colors or is this theme only in red color?
    thank you

    • #7116

      Hi Mathi

      It is in red color, but is not difficult to change the red color to another form the style.css.


  10. (verified owner) #7214

    where’s the documentation? it lacks a “publish Ad” button

    • #7215

      Hello Afoon

      There is not a specific documentation because as a childtheme you can handle everything from WordPress and classipress settings. The post an Ad button is integrated in the menu, that’s a design decision. If you want to create a button out of the menu, you can do it easily


  11. (verified owner) #7276

    how can i decrease the yellow-welcome message size, it takes a lot of screen space, i’d rather have the search bar on the menu

    • #7279

      Hello Afoon

      You can do it tweaking the yellow box from the style.css ;)


  12. (verified owner) #7352

    not so helpful

    • #7353

      Hi afoon

      Custoimizations are out of the free support service scope. Hope you understand ;)

  13. (verified owner) #7358

    our site scrolling is acting weird

    not showing “more” ads, and we’d like to get rid of the yellow box, please tell me a way to do so.

    • #7373

      Hi Afoon

      Can you activate the theme to take a look?


  14. (verified owner) #7377

    please check again, i’ve activated the pinterclass theme back

    • #7378

      Your theme is customized, to get rid the yellow box you can simple apply display:none to the CSS element .rb_welcomebox

  15. (verified owner) #7417

    still the loader doesn’t work alright, what could be causing this?

  16. (verified owner) #7909

    where i can adjust the font size of the search box, change the font style etc?

    • #7910

      You can customize the styles (color, fonts, etc) from the style.css file

  17. #8796

    I am very interested in this theme, but when will there be a responsive version?

    • rubencio


      Hi Michael, the store it is under a new management and we are working hard in order to make customer’s experience the best possible. All products will be updated step by step in the near future and we expect to have all themes responsive before xmas ;)

  18. (verified owner) #8928

    loading more ads in the search results page doesn’t work, can you please fix it , you can test it in your demo website.

  19. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner) #9218

    Update free? Thanks

    • rubencio


      Hi seb,
      YES, updates are free as far as you are into the 365 days after purchase… after that you can purchase the item again with a discount.
      Best regards!

  20. 5 out of 5



    I have bought this childtheme. The “Loading more ads” does not work. Could you help me?

    Thank you!

    • rubencio


      Hi Ismael,
      Have you try under “ClassiPress Settings > Advanced Tab” to set “Use Google CDN jQuery” as “Yes”?
      Best regards!

  21. #10023

    Hello, I have another question. I need the advanced search for each category, how can I put it?


  22. (verified owner) #10055

    Hello Rubencio, I’m Ismael.

    I have select “yes” in “Use Google CDN jQuery” but the “Loading mora ads” does not work :(

    • rubencio


      Hi Edulin,
      Sorry the late response… Do you mind to deactivate your plugins? This seems to me like a jQuery conflict. For further assistance please share your URL so we can check the live site.
      Best regards!!

    • (verified owner) #10152

      Yes, all plugins are deactivated. The url is, I see the problem is only in the main page, for example if you go to the load is perfect (Google CDN jQuery deactivated)

      But if I select “yes” in “Use Google CDN jQuery” the load doesn´t work in front page either and the ads appears with some blank spaces between them.

      Thank you!

    • rubencio


      Hi Edulin,
      We are working in order to make all our products compatible with the latest ClassiPress 3.4 version just released last week. BTW all our childthemes will be rewritten again from scratch. You’ll get the stable version compatible with latest CP asap.
      Best regards!!

    • (verified owner) #10790

      Hello guys, I see the child is now compatible with ClassiPress 3.4.

      How can I update my child??


    • TheSanerOne


      Hello Edulin,

      Our apologies, it is not 3.4 compatible yet. It should be available very soon! :)

  23. (verified owner) #10366

    Works with ClassiPress 3.4?
    Is there any estimate of when it will work?

    • rubencio


      Hello Cordeiro,

      We are working in order to make all our products compatible with the latest ClassiPress 3.4 version asap.

      Best regards!!

  24. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner) #11347


    Any update? Please

  25. #11366

    I see that this theme has no sidebar, How are we supposed to use the advanced search, filters an other plugins..?

    • rubencio


      Hi katra,

      This will be covered in future updates.

      Best regards!!

  26. #11454

    Is this theme responsive?

    • #11529

      At the moment PinterClass is not responsive

  27. #11613

    The theme is good but why not up to date?
    The new classipress is already out since
    November 28, 2014.

  28. (verified owner) #11883

    Please update this theme. Thanks advance

  29. (verified owner) #12275

    Our ads are not being displayed in the Pinterest, masonry type layout. There are large spaces of white that aren’t being filled in by our ads. Anyone else having this issue?

    Thank you for any assistance.

    • #12312

      Hi Jeremy,

      please use our customer support channel for all support related stuff. Thanks,

    • (verified owner) #12317

      Thanks Joris. Found that after posting here and entered a support ticket. Still no response after six days on my ticket. Several other tickets older than mine (13 days) show “not assigned”. Think you will be able to get caught up soon?

    • rubencio


      This request have been handled via support system.

  30. (verified owner) #12337

    I’m already waiting for five months to update and nothing. In a little while my license expires and I will not have to upgrade. If that happens, I will never ever buy here.

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