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WooCommerce Simple Support Plugin


We’ve developed this WooCommerce support plugin to make customer support in your WooCommerce store easier than ever.

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Product Description:

The easiest way to support your WooCommerce customers.

Tired of mailing back & forth to provide support to your WooCommerce customers? The WooCommerce Simple Support plugin is all you need!

We’ve developed this plugin to make customer support in your WooCommerce store easier than ever. Let your customers ask questions directly on the product page, and reply from the frontend.

The plugins integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and gives you the ability to hide comments of customers, reply directly from the front-end and doesn’t need any additional plugins such as bbPress or BudyPress.

How does the WooCommerce Support Plugin work?

  1. Upload the files to your plugins directory, or upload the zip file from your WordPress backend and activate the plugin
  2. Navigate to your WooCommerce settings. Click on the new tab “Simple Support” to adjust settings
  3. After saving, your customers can now ask support questions right from the product pages of your webshop

When a verified owner asks a question you can reply directly on the product page, or manage replies from the WordPress Comments section.

The WooCommerce Support Plugin is ideal for supporting both digital and physical product.


We use this plugin ourselves in our store. So you can navigate through products to have the best demo possible.



– Integration with Product Vendors extension for WooCommerce.
– Integration with Advanced Notifications extension for WooCommerce.

Current Version:


Change Log:

v1.0 – November 7, 2014 – Initial release

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