our road tocustomer success

Our road to customer success

Since a couple of years our marketplace for ClassiPress plugins and child themes is the one-stop-shop for anything related to your ClassiPress website. We developed a lot of plugins and child themes, but just like WordPress and ClassiPress, those products need some updates from time to time.

And that’s exactly what we’re working on at the moment. But there’s more going on here…

The last couple of months a lot of major changes were implemented at wpRabbits.

First of all we started with Julio and Joris on board. Julio is a talented developer who will take care of plugin development and support issues. Joris is our online marketer and is responsible for communication across all online channels.

With the team in place, we decided to take a good look at what we are doing and made some decisions that will improve our customer success. We’re putting everything in place to provide our customers with better products, better support and a better

Better support with a brand new ticketing system

In order to help our users achieve customer success using our products, we are focussing on a better support experience. A couple of weeks ago we launched a ticketing system where you can post all your bugs and see the status of your ticket.

To access the support site, you can easily navigate to support.wprabbits.com and raise a ticket using the same username and password you use at wpRabbits.

The first reactions of our users are very positive. The feedback we received so far is that it’s much easier for users to find their way back to an issue they raised, and that the bugs are fixed much faster with this system.

Demo’s and updates coming up

Maybe you’ve noticed that some of our products have a demo and some of them don’t.

Last year we decided to remove all our demo’s and start from scratch again on a fresh server and with a fresh approach.
First of all we had to work hard to get the infrastructure up and running, but now we’re ready and we already prepared new demo sites for these products:

Geo Search
– Limit number of Ads

We’re doing our best to get the other product demo’s up and running as soon as possible.

Removing old products

It’s always hard to say goodbye, but sometimes you have to!

That’s what we’re doing with some of our plugins and themes as well.

We’re looking at each and every one of our plugins and themes and ask ourselves the question if it’s worth it to keep or ditch it.

Our “Mods” section for example, already disappeared completely. We’re stepping away of mods where people have to update files manually. Instead we’re looking at reworking these mods to become plugins where people just upload and activate it.

For our ClassiPress childt hemes we’re taking the same approach. If the child theme has an outdated look and feel, we don’t bother updating it for the latest version of ClassiPress. Instead we prefer to remove those products and focus on the design and development of new ones.

New Products launched every month

We are getting rid of old and outdated products, but we’re also working hard on new ones that will take ClassiPress to the next level.

The Appthemes forum is checked on a regular base to see what ClassiPress users really want. One of the much requested solutions is to limit the ads per user, and we just finished a plugin that handles just that! But wait, we’ve got some other exiting things coming up…

Julio is working very hard to launch the plugin with extra features. In the new version you will be able to not only limit the number of ads per user. You will also be able to sell membership packs with a certain amount of ads.

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  1. tim August 28, 2015 at 4:28 pm #

    Do you have a plugin that will show seller type on the listing ad on the home page. using classipress

    • rubencio
      rubencio August 28, 2015 at 5:39 pm #

      Hi Tim, What do you mean “seller type”? Sorry we don’t have a plugin to achieve it but I’m quite sure it can be done by tweaking a bit the content-ad_listing.php file ;)

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