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Here at wpRabbits we love WooCommerce. The out-of-the-box features that it offers make it a breeze to set up your own webshop for both physical and digital products.

The team at WooThemes and the community around it are doing a great job developing the e-commerce platform, themes and plugins.

During the time we’ve been selling our products and services with WooCommerce we did notice that providing support to customers can be a hassle sometimes. I’m not talking about the customers, but about the workflow.

Looking for a solution

So we started looking for a WooCommerce support plugin, but our quest for the plugin ended pretty fast. The only one out there that somewhat improves the workflow is a WooCommerce extention called “Product Support”.

It’s developed by Brad Williams and is available on the WooThemes website, but it only works in combination with bbPress or BuddyPress. The plugin automatically creates new groups/forums and associates them with products in your shop.

Pretty cool, but not everybody has the need to install bbPress and create a forum for each and one of your products.

Some people just need an easier, but also integrated way to receive support questions and respond to them properly, so we decided to develop a WooCommerce support plugin ourselves.

wpRabbits WooCommerce Support Plugin

Our WooCommerce Simple Support Plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, and enables your customers to ask product related questions directly on the product pages of your shop.

Verified buyers are identified with a label, and as a shop manager you can respond directly from the front-end, and no additional plugins are required to get this up and running.

You can compare it with the comments system they use at Envato:

themeforest support

We’ve been using our own plugin for a while now on wpRabbits, and we must say it works pretty handy, that’s why we’ve decided give other WooCommerce users the same possibility and provide quality support to their customers.

Go to WooCommerce Simple Support Plugin

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